Well, it all started in Feb. 1964 when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. By that summer I had a set of drums and I was on my way! I played in numerous garage bands...THE EMOTION, THE TROUBADORS, and BRIAN AND THE SCAVENGERS (until my dad told us scavengers eat SH*T!)

I joined THE REACTORS in the summer of 1967. It was the Supreme Grarage Band (we played GLORIA 8 hours a day!) We had a great light show and a keyboard player who looked like one of the Monkees. Then we got hip, changed the name to TRUTH, and broke up.

Somewhere along the way I met Plummer Young Crawley III. He had a friend - Jimmy Shultz, but we couldn't seem to get anything going, but with names like SEA FEVER who could? We got bored, asked some other guys over to jam (one being Buzzy Lawler) and ROCKIN HORSE was born! We played a lot of gigs, made a lot of money, drank a lot of beer and had lots of fun...which lasted 10 years!.

Next I joined RED BALL JETS and went up front on the guitar. Then in 1988 Buz King & Dave Clement started MY UNCLE’S OLD ARMY BUDDYS and I played with them for another 10 years!

About 4 years ago, I hooked up with Bubba, Ray and Henry. We started playing as LOOSE GRAVEL but it wasn't til Buzzy joined the band that we knew the band was COMPLETE, and we've been ROCKIN ever since!