I've been knockin around Richmond playing music now for some 30 years, (seems like last week). My introduction to semi-professional playing came when I got involved with a group called THE STROKERS (who I believe are still alive somewhere).

One night I went to a local club in Richmond called The Generator where I gagged with envy when I saw a band called ROCKIN HORSE! This frosted my dagger so much that I knew I wanted to go to something better.

I got that chance when I was asked to join Axeworthy, an up and coming new band. They had been playing the Richmond clubs, but needed someone who would wear spandex and play LOUD! That was me....

We did very well around the Richmond, calling places like Poor Boys, Hurry Sundown and The Generator home. In fact, we felt so good about it that everybody quit their real money jobs and we went Full Time!

Axeworthy toured the East Coast from the late 70's through the mid 80's and with the help of our shifty manager Dirty Don Dana, we got the attention of the A & R department at Capitol Records. Although they were very interested in us, they passed and chose to sign IRON MAIDEN (who's that?).

Anyway, there were other groups like THE MEASLES, with my pals HARRY GORE and MERVIN NIKEL... We made a great little noise and do still get together on occasion.

That brings me to this gang of minstrels, LOOSE GRAVEL! We are having a great time just being a Great Little Rock-n-Roll Band, just playing and not worrying about that big break but just having fun with our fans!

My Thanks to Bill, Buzzy, Ray and everybody else. Let's have some FUN! BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, WE MIGHT JUST GROW UP!

Email Henry at: loosegravel4u@comcast.net